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File:11060867 363419863856660 1492703725643534866 n.jpgFile:110px-Th06remilia portrait.jpgFile:1514994 530904467048425 5237982436223600098 n.jpg
File:300px-Remilia-Scarlet-Front-Face.jpgFile:607px-Th06cover.jpgFile:DBu Music 亡き王女の為のデジロック Septette for the Dead Princess
File:Devil kawaii.pngFile:East New Sound - Septette for the Dead PrincessFile:EoSD Stage 6 Boss - Remilia Scarlet's Theme - Septette for the Dead Princess
File:Flandre Scarlet.pngFile:Forum new.gifFile:IMAG0154.jpg
File:IaMP - Remilia Scarlet's Theme - Septette for the Dead PrincessFile:MMD-Touhou Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! (Remilia Scarlet)File:PC Computer - Touhou Hisouten Scarlet Weather Rhapsody - Remilia Scarlets Portraits.png
File:PMiSS sdm.jpgFile:Reimu VS. Remilia.jpgFile:Remi-Saku Chase.gif
File:Remilia's Theme - Septette for the Dead PrincessFile:Remilia-candy.gifFile:Remilia-pieceofcandy gif.gif
File:Remilia-stand.gifFile:Remilia 1.jpgFile:Remilia 10.jpg
File:Remilia 12.jpgFile:Remilia 15.jpgFile:Remilia 16.jpg
File:Remilia 17.jpgFile:Remilia 18.jpgFile:Remilia 19.jpg
File:Remilia 2.jpgFile:Remilia 20.jpgFile:Remilia 23.jpg
File:Remilia 24.jpgFile:Remilia 25.jpgFile:Remilia 26.jpg
File:Remilia 27.jpgFile:Remilia 28.jpgFile:Remilia 29.jpg
File:Remilia 3.jpgFile:Remilia 30.jpgFile:Remilia 31.jpg
File:Remilia 32.jpgFile:Remilia 33.jpgFile:Remilia 34.jpg
File:Remilia 35.jpgFile:Remilia 36.jpgFile:Remilia 37.jpg
File:Remilia 38.jpgFile:Remilia 39.jpgFile:Remilia 4.jpg
File:Remilia 40.jpgFile:Remilia 41.jpgFile:Remilia 42.jpg
File:Remilia 43.jpgFile:Remilia 44.jpgFile:Remilia 45.jpg
File:Remilia 46.jpgFile:Remilia 47.jpgFile:Remilia 48.jpg
File:Remilia 49.jpgFile:Remilia 5.jpgFile:Remilia 50.jpg
File:Remilia 51.jpgFile:Remilia 52.jpgFile:Remilia 53.jpg
File:Remilia 54.jpgFile:Remilia 55.jpgFile:Remilia 56.jpg
File:Remilia 57.jpgFile:Remilia 58.jpgFile:Remilia 59.jpg
File:Remilia 6.jpgFile:Remilia 60.jpgFile:Remilia 61.jpg
File:Remilia 62.pngFile:Remilia 63.jpgFile:Remilia 9.jpg
File:Remilia Scarlet, Lunatic.File:Remilia Scarlet.jpgFile:Remilia Scarlet.png
File:Remilia Scarlet (2).jpgFile:Remilia Scarlet (3).pngFile:Remilia Scarlet (7).jpg
File:Remilia Scarlet - PRIERE Nana TakahashiFile:Remilia Scarlet - Septette for the Dead Princess Rock RemixFile:Remilia Scarlet MM avatar by AkitaZeo.gif
File:Remilia Scarlet scours the streets of San Fierro (GTA Touhou).File:Remilia Scarlet tribute O.oFile:Remilia VS Flandre
File:Remilia ohayou face.jpgFile:Remilia scarlet touhou render by kemzlophe-d609o4u.pngFile:Sakuya 7.jpg
File:Septette For The Dead Princess 8-bit VersionFile:Septette for the Dead Princess - Remilia Scarlet's Theme - Orchestral RemixFile:Septette for the Dead Princess NES Ver
File:Septette of the Dead Princess(Final Fantasy IV Soundfont Remix)File:TheAerialRave MUGEN Remilia Scarlet (Me) vs. UnknownFile:Touhou -Remilia's Theme Septette for the Dead Princess ~Remix
File:Touhou - Remilia's Theme Septette for the Dead Princess ~4ºRemixFile:Touhou - UI-70 Septette for the Dead PrincessFile:Touhou EoSD - Septette for The Dead Princess(Ezel-Ash Arrangement)
File:Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Aya vs Remilia HARD PerfectFile:Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Aya vs Remilia NORMAL PerfectFile:Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Hidden Photography HARD Perfect
File:Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Scarlet Remilia Pose Normal PerfectFile:Touhou Soccer 2- Remilia's Master of Red SunFile:Touhou remilia by 90i-d49mc13.jpg
File:Touhou remilia scarlet by kane neko-d5ah4uu.pngFile:Wiki-backgroundFile:【東方Vocalアレンジ】 Sun Flower Field - Scarlet Bouquet
File:【東方】 Septette for the Dead Princess 【EWI】File:東方紅舞闘 Touhou Kobuto OST - Septette for the Dead Princess (BGM-A)File:東方紅舞闘 Touhou Kobuto OST - Septette for the Dead Princess (BGM-B)

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