aka Sabrina McKenzie

  • I live in Hyde Park
  • I was born on September 24
  • My occupation is I play video games and listen to Touhou music (alone...)
  • I am a female gamer
  • Sakenzie98

    Her attacks are deadly, her personality and actions are childish, she has also lived for approximately 500 years, and the ego of Remilia is quite large as well. Remilia Scarlet is the matser scarlet devil. She may look around 10 years old because she's short, but when you look at her silhouette, she's pretty large. She sleeps during the daytime in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. At night she takes a walk or hosts a party and has as much fun as she can. After getting tired, she sleeps again. You become most likely to encounter rare things as you start.

    According to the events of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, it states that Remilia was the one who caused the red, thick mist to spread around Gensokyo. And that mist was so strong, it covered the sun, …

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  • Sakenzie98

    I love the scarlet sisters! They both have really great themes, especially when their remixed!

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